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The Secret Pre-War Story of Pan American's Flying Boats

In July 1938, Wah Sun Choy carried millions aboard the Hawaii Clipper for the Nationalist Chinese war against Japan - his flight vanished. Discover why and how he and 20 others disappeared en route to China.

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"...a fascinating behind-the-scenes story..."


"... a thumb nail sketch of US Asiatic foreign policy in the 20's and 30's plus a gripping story tying it all together..."

                 ".Most entertaining read..."

China Clipper is based on over 6,900 documents, 4 years original research.


Pan American Airways' flying boats were the aeronautical miracles of the decade, flying passengers from San Francisco to China in 6 days.

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In the 1930s World War II with Japan was already on the horizon.


The political stability of the Pacific was collapsing.


Alarmingly, the United States Navy found itself dangerously vulnerable to Japanese expansion and ultimately war.

Certain war was on the horizon - but - bound by treaty limitation and popular isolationism, America was powerless to prepare for the inevitable war with Japan.

The Secret Solution

The government turned to Pan American Airways to begin the fortification of the Pacific in the guise of a commercial air route from San Francisco to China in the early 1930s.  

The Opening Gambit

The public face of this secret move started on the afternoon of  November 22, 1935, when Pan American Airways' legendary flying boat, the China Clipper, inaugurated trans-Pacific commercial flights.

It was an event so staggering - so monumental -  that it immediately captured the imagination of the world.

But more importantly, it was also an event that was years in the making and prepared the US for war in the Pacific.

In the 221-page book and in the new documentary, China Clipper, you'll discover how never-before-revealed closed-door deals and secret negotiations created a string of valuable seaplane bases across the Pacific years before the attack on Pearl Harbor...


Pearl Harbor - Midway - Wake - Guam - Manila

There was a lot more to Pan Am's trans-Pacific flights than flying a few sacks of mail and a handful of passengers across the Pacific..

Revealed for the first time in China Clipper, Pan American’s trans-Pacific Clipper route, in the guise of commercial development, was really the first stage of preparation for World War II.


Pan American’s Clipper bases at Pearl Harbor..., Midway... Wake... Guam... and Manila created the perfect ruse to militarize the Pacific in a way the U.S. military could not do directly.

China Clipper is based on thousands of classified and unclassified government documents and interviews.  


It reads like a taut spy novel.

China Clipper book is $9.95 on Amazon Free for Kindle Select Members


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China Clipper Published to Rave Reviews  


“… new theory on the mystery of the Hawaii Clipper…” New York Times

“…good tale for spy, aviation and WWII buffs…” Nashville Banner  


“… drama and excitement..” Monterey Peninsula Herald 


“...compelling, even romantic…” San Francisco Chronicle 


“...this is exciting reading…” San Diego Union 

“…intriguing…”Columbus Dispatch 

“… nice, compact history of the clipper planes… makes for good reading…”

San Francisco Review of Books

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The China Clipper was the single greatest engineering marvel of aviation to date.

Above from front: cockpit, galley, pilot sleeping quarters, two lounges, sleeping berths and toilet. An overnight flight from San Francisco to Pearl Harbor then five days to China, stopping nightly at Midway, Wake, Guam, Manila, terminating in Hong Kong.

China Clipper Copyright 1980 and 2017 by Ronald W. Jackson All rights reserved

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